Balancing Hot and Wet: Best Practices for Dog Care During Unpredictable Weather

Balancing Hot and Wet: Best Practices for Dog Care During Unpredictable Weather

As monsoon approaches in India, the weather becomes a mix of scorching heat and sudden downpours. This unpredictability can be challenging for pet parents striving to keep their furry friends comfortable and healthy. Here are some best practices to ensure your dog's well-being during these fluctuating conditions.


1. Stay Hydrated

Hydration is crucial, especially when the weather switches between hot and humid. Ensure your dog always has access to fresh water. Consider adding ice cubes to the water bowl to keep it cool. For a fun twist, you can freeze DatGud BBQ Chicken or Lamb biscuits in ice cubes to create a refreshing aromatic treat that encourages hydration.


2. Adjust Exercise Routines

During hot days, try to exercise your dog early in the morning or late in the evening when temperatures are cooler. Avoid midday walks to prevent heatstroke. On rainy days, shorten outdoor activities and engage in indoor games to keep your dog active. Create obstacle courses or play hide and seek with DatGud calcium biscuits to stimulate your dog's mind and body indoors.


3. Cooling Techniques

Help your dog stay cool with simple techniques. Provide a cooling mat or a damp towel for your dog to lie on. Fans and air conditioning can also help regulate your home’s temperature. Another idea is to make DIY cooling treats by blending yogurt with some multigrain goodness of DatGud biscuits and freezing the mixture in ice cube trays. These treats are both delicious and cooling.


4. Protect Their Paws

Hot balconies and window sills can burn your dog’s paws, while wet surfaces can lead to infections. Check the ground temperature by placing your hand on it; if it’s too hot for your hand, it’s too hot for your dog. Use dog booties for walks on hot days and wipe your dog’s paws dry after walking in the rain to prevent fungal infections. Reward your dog with treats after wearing booties or after a paw wipe to create a positive association.


5. Groom Regularly

Regular grooming helps manage your dog’s coat and skin health in changing weather. During hot spells, a well-trimmed coat can prevent overheating, but avoid shaving your dog as their fur also protects against sunburn. In wet conditions, ensure your dog is thoroughly dried after getting wet to avoid skin problems. Incorporate DatGud biscuits that come in a variety of flavours into grooming sessions to keep your dog calm and cooperative.


Balancing hot and wet weather requires some adjustments, but with these best practices, you can ensure your dog remains comfortable and healthy. Stay attentive to your dog's needs, and don't forget to keep the experience enjoyable with DatGud biscuits, making each day a little brighter for your furry friend, no matter the weather.

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