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Our story

Hey, paw-parent! Welcome to DatGud! It's Simply Good to see you here. We are here to add some wag and purr to your day!

DatGud treats made with real chicken for your furry friends that are just pawfect for rewarding, training and pampering your pets.
DatGud! brings the fun to treat time! We're all about those Tasty, Tail-wagging, and Lovely moments.

  • Growel manufacturing unit.

    DatGud is a part of Growel Pet Foods is a house of brands that curates & makes world-class food items and delicacies for dogs & cats catering to the varied needs of pets and their parents/owners across the spectrum.

    Growel Pet Foods is a part of the Growel Group, a leading aquaculture-feeds, formulation and seafood processing company in India since 1994. Currently, Growel is present in 173 districts spanning over 26 states of India and it also exports to 14 different countries. 

    Growel’s commitment to quality, innovation and service has been attributed as the main reason for its success. With its talented workforce backed up by reputed scientists, Growel continuously strives for excellence in feed production and manufacturing.


With a passion for pets at our core, we aim to strengthen the bond between humans and their furry companions through shared moments of wagging tails, playful antics, and heartwarming love.

  • Taste

    Lip-smacking flavours that make treat time an exciting adventure for pets.

  • Love

    Ensuring every bite is a taste of joy and nutrition for our furry companions.

  • Wag

    Cherishing wagging moments with your furry friend is what we hold dear.