Growel Group diversifies into pet foods business

Overall pet-care industry is growing rapidly and is poised to cross Rs 21,000 crore by 2027 from Rs 8090 crore in 2022. Of this, the overall pet food market is set to cross $1 billion by 2027 from Rs 3300 crore in 2022. The company expects the treats segment to continue to drive the industry growth, reaching about Rs 1,900-2,000 crore by 2027 from the current Rs 650 crore.

Karthik said "the Indian pet industry is experiencing phenomenal growth, driven by a surge in pet ownership, humanization of pets and rising disposable incomes. With dog ownership becoming increasingly popular, the market for dog treats is also experiencing substantial growth. It's anticipated that by 2027, dog treats will comprise about 35% of this market, indicating their significance in meeting the needs and preferences of pet owners,”

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